Long Term Rentals

Welcome to Alta Villas Long Term Rentals Javea.  Properties in this section will usually be available for rent for a minimum term of 11-12 months with the advertised rental price being per calendar month.  In the cases of detached villas, except where otherwise noted, pool and garden maintenance is not included and in all cases water, electric, gas etc is payable by the tenant.  Viewings will be arranged and accompanied by Alta Villas so please contact us for more information.

When the recession started in 2008, the long term rental market in Spain really took off as owners found it difficult to sell their properties but still needed to raise an income from them.  However, now, as the property sales market is more buoyant and owners are more confident about selling their properties, demand for good quality long term rental properties is almost becoming greater than the supply.  There is still a good selection of long term rentals properties here in Javea, Moraira and Denia but, you will probably find that the good ones go quickly.  This is why it is good that you have found Alta Villas.  As well as having a large selection of our own properties, we collaborate with other good agents in the area which increases our ability to find you the best property for you.  All you need to do is tell us what you need and in addition to the basics – ie number of bedrooms, furnished or unfurnished, type of property, you may also like to consider:

What to look for in a long term rentals in Javea:

  • Location – consider your circumstances and life-style choices.  Generally, if you want to be within walking distance to amenities you will probably find that an apartment or townhouse is better for you.  If you do not mind driving and prefer more space, a villa may suit you better.
  • Orientation – although the winters are mild here (around 16 degrees), it can be quite cold if your accommodation has limited winter sun.  Properties with a southern (S, SW or SE) are normally favoured by Northern Europeans and we always advise, for permanent living, there is some form of central heating.
  • Budget – as with any country, you get what you pay for.  Property prices, for sale and rental are greater in Javea, Moraira and Denia than they are in other areas because it is so sought-after by ex-pats.   A budget of €1000 pcm can get you a villa in Javea, Moraira or Denia, but it will probably be of fairly traditional construction sometimes with dated decor.  However, the same budget would get you a modern, spacious apartment or town house nearer amenities.  A spacious, modern villa with pool would normally rent for €1300 – €2000, sometimes even higher, depending on quality and location. Long term rentals Javea.
  • Irritants – if you are bothered by noise, you may find it difficult to live in the centre of town or in a ground floor apartment with people above you.  If you have pets, you need to keep them under control and not allow them to cause a nuisance to your neighbours and so maybe an apartment is not the best choice for you!  If you cannot drive, or have teenage children who need some level of independence, a villa situated a long way from amenities may cause problems. Long term rentals Javea.
  • Tenure – if you think you will want to remain in a property for several years, it is no good renting from an owner who may want to sell or take the property back after the initial term.  If you think you may want to leave the property before the agreed term, please tell the agent, who can match you to an owner with similar intentions. Long term rentals Javea.
  • Be realistic – this area of Spain is beautiful and most people who live here think it is Paradise but it is “foreign” to us ex-pats and things that we take for granted at home, do not always happen the same way here.  Alta Villas can help you with a lot of the things you will need in your relocation but a degree of patience from your side is also necessary!