Choose your Paradise – The top beaches in Javea

The Javea coast has a diverse geography full of beautiful spots. Throughout its 25 km coast, you can explore a series of coves, beaches and cliffs which are outstanding for their natural beauty, crystal-clear water and their Mediterranean forest environment.

Likewise, you can discover islands, islets and caves which are only accessible by sea such as Isla del Portixol and Isla del Descobridor, which are famous for the breathtaking scenery and transparent water, ideal to go scuba diving or snorkelling.

To explore the beauty of the Javea coast there are different options.

The sea excursions which are carried out during the majority of the year also allow you to visit the neighbouring towns such as Denia or Moriara.

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The rich sea floor means that Javea is a small paradise for scuba diving or snorkelling fans.



However in order to reach the most beautiful spots of our coast, there is an option to hire different types of nautical vehicles, such as sail boats or motor yachts, jet skis, kayaks or canoes, etc.



Below is a list of some of the Beaches in the area. See if you can visit all of them and tick them off the list

La Grava

Primer Muntanyar o Benissero

El Arenal

Segon Muntanyar

Cala Blanca

Cala Sardinera

Cala Barraca o Portitxol

Cala Ambolo

Cala Granadella