How can you fast track to buying your dream property in Javea on the Costa Blanca, Spain?

How to get ahead of the crowds, now that property prices in this area are rising and demand is outstripping supply for good quality properties.


How can you fast track to buying your dream property in Javea on the Costa Blanca, Spain?

Here is a fast track guide to buying a property in Javea on the Costa Blanca..

  • Do some research before you come over. Find out what you can about the area and get a basic understanding of the buying process. A general understanding can be useful. Together, ourselves at Alta Villas, a good lawyer and you can make your dream a reality.

More information of Javea can be found at:


  • Be clear about how much you can afford to spend. Don’t push your limit too high. Make sure you allow for the added costs that there can be and allow another 13%, as a general rule, on top of what the house costs itself. (10% tax ,1% notary fees and 1% land registry)
  • Be clear about the running costs. You will have IBI (rates) to pay and either rental income tax or imputed income tax. You also need to take account of electricity charges, water and waste. Most properties are part of a community and have community fees. These costs vary, depending on the facilities available, and you must make sure that you have budgeted for them too.
  • How will the property serve your needs now and in the future? Do you need to be near the shops or will a rural retreat always be your ideal?
  • This tip is perhaps along the same lines. Invest in a good, independent lawyer. If you are going to buy a property here you want to do it right. It really is worth making sure you employ someone, who knows what they’re doing, to serve your interests. There are several good lawyers within this area ,here are contact details for two of those:

Pellicer and Heredia

Elizabeth Táboas Suárez

Spain is a wonderful country with a rich heritage and lots of lovely sunny days. We aim to make the process as stress free as possible for all our clients and so being a little prepared in advance will help us and you!

Use our tips for buying a house in Spain to make sure that the whole process, from start to finish, is the experience you always hoped it would be.