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Jávea - view from San Antonio

Jávea – view from San Antonio

Alta Villas is based in Jávea (alternatively named Xabia in the local Valenciano language), in the northern Costa Blanca region of Spain.  This is truly a beautiful part of Spain.  Breathtaking mountains dipping their toes into the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, their skirts adorned with fertile valleys full of orange, lemon and olive groves. The glorious “White Coast”, the Costa Blanca, is comprised of numerous blue flag beaches that attract tourists and ex-pats in their thousands every year. As soon as you arrive in this beautiful part of the World, it is easy to understand why so many people choose this area in which to buy or rent their Spanish dream home.

The Costa Blanca

Map of Costa Blanca

Map of the Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca (White Coast) has two distinct areas, Costa Blanca North (Marina Alta) and Costa Blanca South (Marina Bajo). Alta Villas is concerned with the Marina Alta area (Costa Blanca North), around the coastal towns of DéniaJávea and Moraira, and also inland to the Jalón (Xalo) Valley.

Enjoying over 320 days of sunshine with its own micro-climate of mild winters and warm summers, the Costa Blanca has been noted by the World Health Organisation as one of the most environmentally perfect regions in the World.  Many people with ailments such as arthritis, asthma and similar conditions find that their symptoms are alleviated upon moving here, and the area has seen a sharp increase in the number of ex-pats choosing to emigrate here in order to improve their standard of living and health for themselves and their families. The Costa Blanca North has large conservation areas both marine and rural where building heights, design and density are strictly controlled allowing the area to retain its Spanish charm and beauty despite the abundance of new build residential and commercial properties.  Therefore, almost wherever you go in the Marina Alta region, the vistas are stunning, unspoiled and still typically Spanish.

Parque Natural del Montgó

Parque Natural del Montgó

Whilst the Costa Blanca North has a very large ex-pat community comprised of many nationalities, it has not lost its Spanish identity, values or standards.  Whilst the predominant language in the area is Castellano (commonly referred to as Spanish), the local language, Valenciano, is spoken widely by old and young alike. It is compulsory in all Spanish schools in the Valencian community and in some areas it is invaluable in order to secure work. Despite the natural tendency that many ex-pats have of not integrating with the indigenous population, the locals in most areas of the Costa Blanca welcome their “foreign” neighbours with a generous spirit, making it easier for newcomers to settle here happily.

Alta Villas are based mainly in Jávea but also cover the nearby towns of Dénia and Moraira and inland to the Jalón and Orba Valleys.  Other areas of interest are Alta, Alicante, Benidorm, Calpe and Valencia.